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Premium Cutting Boards & Butcher Blocks

At Cutting Board Authority, we invite you to meet the team behind our premium cutting boards and butcher blocks. For many decades, our family has endeared wood for all its capabilities. We have sawed it, burned it, steamed it, bent it, cored it, framed it, balanced it, sculpted it, built furniture, features, huts, homes, and ‘castles’ with it. You don’t get good at wood by not working it… and working it is what we’ve done all our lives.

This family collective combines talent from two generations in the DeCesaris family aging from 30 to 65. The backgrounds include but are not limited to art, architecture, carpentry, trim work, design and building, sculpture and furniture construction. It’s all about the wood. We have the passion for what we do and that makes us good at it. Check us out.

best handmade cutting boards
best handmade cutting boards

Have some fun in our photo gallery and view just a handful of our collective works over many years. We want you to feel confident with who you chose to build your handmade cutting boards and butcher blocks. Be sure to visit the tutorial on our process and why we do what we do to your board. Then spend some time in our Etsy shop. But don’t rush, there is a lot to choose from.