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Cutting Board Authority is a small, family-owned woodworking company focused on bringing the best handmade cutting boards and butcher blocks to kitchens across the United States. We invite you to discover what sets our handmade cutting boards apart from the others.

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Are you ready to grab one of the best handmade cutting boards on the market?



Custom Butcher Blocks & Cutting Boards

Too many selections to know which cutting board or butcher block works for you? That’s ok! Simply contact us or email us describing what you’re looking for and we will get started on your custom cutting board.

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Why Choose Our Products?

Pick up one of our boards, run your hand over it, hold it to the light, then know why we are called the ‘Authority’ for crafting cutting boards and butcher blocks. As the creators of Kansas’ best handmade cutting boards & butcher blocks, we’ll share with you fun photos of decades of woodworking experience for you to judge. Cutting Board Authority offers customers a user friendly website for selection, payment, and shipment of our product. Like yourself, we are consumers with families and we don’t like surprises any more than you do. It’s the Golden Rule for us. We insist that you know exactly what you are buying before you hit that last key, and our goal is for 100% customer satisfaction.

You will have all our contact information and a guarantee that with the proper care and maintenance, your cutting board or butcher block will last for years to come. All of our homemade cutting boards are handcrafted in the United States with wood that we buy in locally and at times, 100 year old American antique wood still good for repurposing. We profess to build a total environmentally-safe product using NO stains or dyes, but only the natural colors of the woods combined with an artist’s eye that will knock your socks off.

Don’t be fooled by novice wood working wannabes. See for yourself. We are the experts you’ve been looking for. Thank your for choosing Cutting Board Authority.

About CBA

At Cutting Board Authority, we invite you to meet the team behind our premium cutting boards and butcher blocks. For many decades, our family has endeared wood for all its capabilities. We have sawed it, burned it, steamed it, bent it, cored it, framed it, balanced it, sculpted it, built furniture, features, huts, homes, and ‘castles’ with it. You don’t get good at wood by not working it… and working it is what we’ve done all our lives.

Photo Gallery

We invite you to explore our Cutting Board Authority photo gallery, where you can see the expert woodworking our talented family-owned business can produce.

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